LIFEHYGENET Project meetings

30/07/2013. Kick off meeting. City Hall of Mieres, Asturias

The 30th of July of 2013, it was celebrate the kickoff meeting LIFEHYGENET in Mieres.


25/09/2013. Partner meeting with a representative of LIFE+.  Gijón, Asturias

The 25th of September of 2013, the partners of the Lifehygenet Project had a meeting in which participated also a representative of the LIFE+ programme in the headquarters of Prodintec in Gijón. In this partner meeting it was presented to the LIFE+ representative the achieved results at that momento and the future steps for the following months.

08/10/2013. Commission kickoff meeting. Madrid

The coordinator of the LifeHygenet project participated in the meeting organized by the Commission about the LIFE programme.


28/05/2014. Partners meeting of LifeHygenet project. Zaragoza

The 28th of May of 2014, it was held in Zaragoza a partner meeting discussing the development of the project until that moment and future activities.

Participation in the information conference Life+. June 2014

The Project members participated in the information conference about Life+ programme, held on June 26th in Llanera (Asturias), organized by the Economic Development Institute of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA), and in which the Llifehygenet project was invited to explain his experience.

The event was attended by 50 people from different fields (University, companies and technological centres) with interest in participating in environmental public calls.

As a representative of the project participated Indalecio González Fernández, head of renewable energies in the Asturian Energy Foundation.


14/10/2014. Partner meeting with a representative of LIFE+. Gijón, Asturias

The 14th of October 2014, it was held in PRODINTEC headquarters in Gijón,  a meeting with the representative of the LIFE+ programme.

3rd partners meeting Life+. July 2015

14th of July 2015 it will be held a Management Board meeting for the second year of the LIFE Hygenet project. It will take place at the Ingemas offices in Gijón. At this meeting it will be an  analysis of the project to date and next steps to follow.



The 5th of March 2015 in the Casa de la Cultura Teodoro Cuesta of Mieres was celebrated the technical conference «LIFE+ programme as a tool for local development through environmental improvement projects» the presentations are available in the following links:

Presentations download:

Mr. Pedro Abati. Project Manager in the City Hall of Navas del Marqués (Ávila, Spain).
Project Life Enerbioscrub. Sustainable management of bushes for energy use.

Mr. Jordi Cuyás. Project coordinator of the City Hall of Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona, Spain).
Project Life Vineyards4heat. Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction.

Mr. Ignacio García Palacios. Major of Navia (Principado de Asturias, Spain).
Project LifeBiobale. Fair bales of forest biomass cogeneration plant.

Mr. Félix R. Santos-Dios Pérez. Head of section of the Technical Office from Mieres City Hall (Principado de Asturias, Spain).
Project LifeHygenet. Use of the energy of water in water supply networks.

Mr. Carlos Ameijenda. Project manager of the City Hall of Abengondo (La Coruña, Spain).
Proyecto Life Rural Supplies. Solutions to small water supplies.

17-19 / 06 / 2015- Feria Spain Minergy

From June 17 to 19, Spain Minergy, the first world energy, mining and metallurgy convention, took place in Gijón, where the LifeHygent project was presented through a presentation by Prodintec, one of the members of the project.

22nd October EFIAQUA Fair

In October in the International Fair for Efficient Water Management, EFIAQUA 2015, held its sixth edition on 20,21 and 22 October in Valencia. The LIFE project was present Hygenet participating in it with the paper » Modular system for hydroelectric generation water distribution networks » within the Water Treatment Day , present and future. The presentation was well attended and caused great interest and for the public attending the conference .

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portada_tcm7-14949Logo Life+

18/05/2016 AQUASEF 2016

PRODINTEC , as coordinator of the European project LIFEHYGENET has been invited to participate in the day of networking the LIFE + program to take place in Madrid on May 18 organized by Ariema inside the project AQUASEF .

Programa de la Jornada

P1010153_2 DSC04316_2

3rd Life + Control Meeting. June 2016

The project partners met at the Prodintec headquarters in Gijón together with the observer for Life+


10/6/2016. Meeting Steering Committee

Follow-up meeting on 6 October 2016 in Gijón (headquarters of PRODINTEC) of the Management Committee of the LIFEHygenet project, which was the project contro

2017 February

In this month work has begun on the water supply network of Mieres, of the prototype LIFEHygenet. The work will last 2 months.

18 October 2017 – Control meeting of the LifeHygent Project

Control meeting of the LifeHygenet Project together with the partners and responsible for the project, and which also had the participation of an observer. During the meeting they explained the advances that have been made of the project until the date were presented, later they visited the advanc.

2018 May. Installation Visit

In order to continue with the dissemination of the technology of hydroelectric exploitation of water networks and promote its generalization, a visit to the facility has been organized for the technicians of the Administration to facilitate the processing of future installations. The visit was attended by both technicians from the Principality of Asturias and the National Administration, who were able to see firsthand the details of the plant. The participants showed great interest in the installation and in the process followed for its processing.

06/06/2018 Networking with REDAWN project members 

On June 6, a networking meeting was held with members of the working group of the REDAWN project «Reduction of energy dependence on water supply networks in the Atlantic regions», to know the objectives of both projects and assess the synergies that can be achieved. arise between both.

06/06/2018 Visit REDAWN project members installation

On June 6, the second scheduled visit to the pilot plant was carried out. Members of the working group of REDAWN project «Reduction of energy dependence in water supply networks in the Atlantic regions«, whose theme is closely linked to the objectives of the LifeHygenet project, were able to appreciate «in situ» the technology developed and its viability as a solution for the use of energy in networks of this type. The visit also served to establish synergies between the participants of both projects.

06/07/2018 Technical conference: «Energetic use of water in hydraulic infrastructures in operation»

On June 7, the technical conference «Energy use of water in hydraulic infrastructure in operation» took place in the Research Building of the Mieres Campus. This informative session, aimed primarily at potential users of the developed technology, has focused on the presentation of the results and conclusions of the project and the provision of information on initiatives for the use of energy in hydraulic infrastructure in operation. The day concluded with a visit to the pilot plant so that attendees could observe the technological development achieved on the ground.


In the following link you can see the programme.


Presentation download

Proyecto REDAWN. Reduciendo la dependencia energética en las redes de agua en el Área Atlántica. D. Miguel Crespo. Trinity University of Dublin

Aprovechamiento energético en canal hidráulico de alojamiento rural. Proyecto hidrotor. D. Claudio Santguida. Gerente Hotel Rural Sucuevas

Proyecto Life Nexus. Impulsando la sostenibilidad en el ciclo del agua de suministro urbano: aprovechamiento energético utilizando tecnología microhidroeléctrica. Dª. Raquel Lopez. Divisón de Energia CARTIF

Proyecto lifehygenet. Experiencia y resultados. D. Alejandro Fernández Hernández. Coordinador bioprinting. Fundación PRODINTEC

Solución modular para infraestructuras hidráulicas en operación. Experiencia lifehygenet Representante Ingemas

Potencial de aprovechamiento energético de infraestructuras hidráulicas en operación. Experiencia lifehygenet. D. Indalecio González Fernández. Fundación Asturiana de la Energía

04/12/18 Visita Instalación Microturbina en Mieres

On December 4, 2018, students of the Degree in Civil Engineering and the Degree in Civil Engineering + Engineering of the Mining and Energy Resources of the Polytechnic School of the Campus of Mieres visited the microturbine installed in the supply network of Mieres in La Herradura installed thanks to the LifeHygenet project funded by the LIFE + Program.