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2018 May

Aerial view.

2018 May. Advance works

Once the installation of the equipment is completed, the start-up tests and validation of the installation’s operation are continued. In this way, the connection and synchronization of the cables, the cabinets and the different equipment have already been made. Communications have been validated and data records are continued. It is expected to continue with the validation tasks of the operation of the plant until the end of June.

2017 October. Turbine installation

IMG_20171011_142141 IMG_20171011_123712665 IMG_20171011_142205944

2017 7 July. Installation turbine

On Friday, July 7, work will be carried out on the connection of the general water network to the new pressure line that will power the mini-power station of La Herradura.


2017 June. Advance works

The assembly of the turbine prototype has been completed in the workshop and it is planned to be installed throughout the month of June.




2017 March. Beginning of the works

Once all the permits and administrative licenses have been granted, the works of the prototype of the turbine in the area of ​​La Herradura (Mieres) have begun.


2016 December. Grant of the administrative authorization to carry out the works of installation of the pilot plant.

May 2016. Participation in networking day organized by LIFE + AQUASEF project

PRODINTEC, as coordinator of the European project LIFEHYGENET participated in the networking event of the LIFE + program that took place in Madrid on May 18 organized by Ariema within the AQUASEF project

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October 2015. Participation in the Efiaqua Fair

The LIFE-Hygenet project is present at the Water Treatment Day, present and future, on October 22, with a presentation on «Modular system of hydroelectric generation for water distribution networks» within the Efiaqua Fair in Valencia.

September 2015. LifeHygenet Facts Sheet

Facts Sheet

June 2015. Participation in the Spain Minergy Congress

From June 17 to 19, Spain Minergy, the first world energy, mining and metallurgy convention, took place in Gijón, where the LifeHygent project was presented through a presentation by Prodintec, one of the members of the project.


Last Thursday 5th of March took place in the House of the Culture Teodoro Cuesta of Mieres the networking conference «LIFE+ programme as a tool for local development through environmental improvement projects», framed within the activities of the LifeHygenet project, which aims at harnessing the energy of water supply of the Town Hall.

In the course of the day they were announced other environmental initiatives that are being developed in various Asturian municipalities and also in the rest of the country.

LIFEHYGENET networking programme

LIFEHYGENET conference press release

Download the networking conference slides:

Mr. Pedro Abati. Project Manager in the City Hall of Navas del Marqués (Ávila, Spain).
Project Life Enerbioscrub. Sustainable management of bushes for energy use.

Mr. Jordi Cuyás. Project coordinator of the City Hall of Vilafranca del Penedés (Barcelona, Spain).
Project Life Vineyards4heat. Vineyards for carbon footprint reduction.

Mr. Ignacio García Palacios. Major of Navia (Principado de Asturias, Spain).
Project LifeBiobale. Fair bales of forest biomass cogeneration plant.

Mr. Félix R. Santos-Dios Pérez. Head of section of the Technical Office from Mieres City Hall (Principado de Asturias, Spain).
Project LifeHygenet. Use of the energy of water in water supply networks.

Mr. Carlos Ameijenda. Project manager of the City Hall of Abengondo (La Coruña, Spain).
Proyecto Life Rural Supplies. Solutions to small water supplies.

Genera Fair. Febrero 2015

Cartel Genera 2015

LifeHygenet Project brochure

Details here

Start on the administrative process. August 2014

After the contacts done with all the participating administrations in the process, it was presented the first draft of the prototype installation in the North Hydrographic Confederation. Thus began the administrative processing of the installation to get all the necessary licenses for their execution.


Design of the support structure. July 2014

Different schemes of distribution of the main equipment of the prototype were designed and associated with them, their corresponding support structures. After the evaluation of different solutions, it has been chosen as conceptual final design the one that reduced pressure on the equipment and improve the conditions of operation and maintenance. From these initial conceptual designs, it was proceed to detail the development of the designs.


End of the data collection campaign. June 2014

After six months, ended the campaign of collection of data for the measurement of the flow rate and the height in the location in which to install the prototype. With the recorded data it has been possible to characterize the distribution of flow rates during different intervals of time (day, week, and month) and calculate the maximum, minimum and media values.

These data have been used to carry out the dimensioning of the turbo-generator group of the prototype.

Start of the remodelling Works. Location prototype. May 2014

After the definition of the exact location of the area of La Herradura (Mieres) in which it is going to be installed the prototype, it has begun the process of preparation of the place, with a clearing and refurbishment of the existing tracks of access to the place where the prototype will be located.

Topographic surveying settlement. April 2014

There has been a topographic survey of the area of La Herradura (Mieres) where the prototype will be located to choose the best place for the equipment installation. For this work it has been measured distances, slopes and have been located the networking infrastructures of water supply where it will be installed the equipment and the power supply where the generation will be poured.

Technical characterization of the settlement. February 2014

The study of the technical characterization of the settlement that has conducted an environment and infrastructures study to assemble the prototype was completed.

The study of the environment includes an analysis of the weather conditions, the surface and groundwater hydrology, geology and geomorphology, geotechnics, the edaphology, topography, landscape and protected spaces in the area.

Moreover, in the study of infrastructures it is carried out an evaluation of the network of water supply on which is installed the prototype, the electric network of transportation and the distribution that pour the energy produced, the state of the roads and the access to carry out the work.

This study was taken as the basis to carry out the corresponding project for the prototype installation.


Installation of recording equipment. December 2013

It has been completed the water supply installation of Mieres with a recording data system to know the volume of flow and the actual jump to take advantage of energy. The system consists of two flow meters, model 8045 Burkert, a pressure sensor, model Vegabar 52, a logger and a data software developed specifically for this application.

From this moment begins a campaign of collection of data from 6 months whose results will be used to properly size the turbine and generator equipment.